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Do FASTBRACES and Six Month Smiles really move teeth faster than regular braces?

May 28, 2015

I wanted to share a great article written by my friend Greg Jorgensen of Rio Rancho, New Mexico about the slick marketing and truth behind FASTBRACES® and Six Month Smiles®. These orthodontic gimmicks do not move teeth faster but only offer limited movement of teeth at a very high cost vs traditional braces. An expert in orthodontics will be able to move all teeth most efficiently.

In summary:

  • FASTBRACES or Six Month Smiles cannot move teeth faster than any other orthodontic method.
  • The braces used in FASTBRACES and Six Month Smiles are the same as those used in other orthodontic methods.
  • Treatment time is shorter with FASTBRACES and Six Month Smiles because only a very limited number of teeth are moved.
  • FASTBRACES and Six Month Smiles are usually more expensive than conventional braces because you are only getting partial treatment.


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