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We’re proud to be one of the most technologically-advanced orthodontists in Orlando! Staying up-to-date with modern techniques and technologies is deeply ingrained in the core of our practice. 

We do everything we can to ensure precision in our results and create a comfortable and efficient treatment experience for you.

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

No Goop, No Mess, No Putty.

With the advanced TRIOS Digital Scanner, taking digital impressions is a quick and comfortable process. This advanced scanning technology replaces the need for traditional putty impressions, which means no goop or gagging during impressions! 

The TRIOS intraoral scanner creates a precise 3D model of the teeth in only a few minutes. The accuracy of TRIOS impressions allows us to achieve more predictable results with clear aligners or braces.

Digital TRIOS Outcome Simulator

With the TRIOS digital scanning system, we can also show you a preview of your new smile before you even begin treatment!

This device automatically produces an outcome simulation of the new smile you could achieve through braces or clear aligner treatment.

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Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays to capture images of our patients’ smiles, because they use less radiation to produce high-quality photos. They allow for only an eighth of the exposure that traditional x-rays do!

Advanced technology X-rays are also more comfortable for our patients. We simply place a sensor inside of the mouth to generate an X-ray.

DentalMonitoring for virtual visits

Reduce the number of in-office visits with the DentalMonitoring app! 

The DentalMonitoring app allows you to complete virtual check-ins (instead of in-office appointments) throughout your treatment by securely sending us photo/video updates of your smile progress.

Based on the pictures you send, Dr. Battle can assess your progress to determine whether your transformation is on track, or if you need an in-office visit to make adjustments to your plan.

Through the app, you can track your treatment progress in real time and connect directly with our team! Get personalized care whenever you need, wherever you are.

Custom Braces Brackets

Experience 3D-printed, truly custom brackets.

Custom braces feature unique brackets that are designed specifically for each individual tooth, as well as indirect bonding that helps maximize the accuracy of bracket placement. Custom brackets ensure more precise tooth movement, resulting in faster treatment times and fewer adjustments throughout the treatment process!

PreXion CONE BEAM for CBCT Imaging

What does a CBCT scan show? We use advanced 3D CBCT Imaging technology with the PreXion dental scanner to detect possible airway problems, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, or other conditions in the tissues, muscles, joints or jaw bones.

It’s important that we see the full picture of your teeth and everything that lies underneath to create a clinically accurate treatment plan. Dr. Battle considers every detail when creating your personalized treatment plan.

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