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5 orthodontic things to look for in 2018

December 25, 2017

2017 was a momentous year in orthodontics with many events that will change how orthodontics is delivered forever. Here is a quick list of some things to look for in 2018.

1.) Clear Aligners. More people are choosing clear aligners over traditional braces. With Invisalign’s patents beginning to run out in late 2017, more aligner choices will enter the market. There are even do-it-yourself aligner companies that are popping up. We recommend that you consult with a specialist before moving your teeth.

2.) Vibratory Orthodontic Devices. These devices reduce pain and increase blood flow to teeth while they are moving. In 2018, we feel that these devices will be the standard of care with clear aligner therapy.

3.) Micro-Osteoperforation. We discussed this in an earlier blog but this is a simple surgery by which small pinpricks are placed into your gums. This creates inflammation which allows your teeth to move faster.

4.) 3D X-ray and photographic imaging. The real and virtual world continue their collision course. Virtual simulation of teeth moving is already a reality. The technology is improving where 3D photos of people can be superimposed onto their underlying bone and soft tissues.

5.) Digital Impressions. Scanners are quickly making goopy impressions a thing of the past. Scanners are expensive but doctors are slowly incorporating them more into their practice. Some scanners can reproduce models of your teeth in under a minute.

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