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How does the Dental Monitoring app work?

October 15, 2023

At Premiere Orthodontics, we take pride in being one of the most technologically advanced orthodontic practices in Orlando! As your 100% digital orthodontist, we do everything we can to make your treatment experience as convenient and personalized as possible.

Part of providing convenient digital care for our busy patients is using the Dental Monitoring app to minimize in-office visits and give you your free time back. Let’s dive into what the Dental Monitoring app is and how Dental Monitoring works:


What is Dental Monitoring?

The Dental Monitoring app allows us to monitor your treatment progress remotely, from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and snap regular pics of your smile to stay on track with your treatment and connect with your leading-edge digital orthodontist, Dr. Jason Battle.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dental Monitoring:

Setting up & scanning

When you start treatment with us, you’ll receive the Dental Monitoring ScanBox and download the Dental Monitoring app on your phone. The ScanBox includes the Dental Monitoring device that holds your phone while you scan your smile, as well as a cheek retractor that holds your cheeks back to reveal your smile.

Here’s how it works, step-by-step:

  1. Register your account through the app. You can download the Dental Monitoring app through Google Play or through the Apple app store. You’ll create your personal account by providing some of your information. This app is secure and protects your privacy!
  2. Set up the device and app. When it’s time to scan your smile, you’ll use the Dental Monitoring Scanbox Pro device. The app will guide you through each step of the process. It’s intuitive and easy to use! You’ll open the app on your phone and attach your phone to the designated side of the box, then attach the cheek retractor to the other side of the box. Turn up the volume on your phone to hear the instructions.
  3. Start your scan! To take pictures of your smile, you can stand in front of a mirror to see how the app works until you’re comfortable using it. With the cheek retractor in place, the app will tell you how to move the ScanBox around and when to open and close your mouth to capture all angles of your smile. It’s that simple! The app will tell you when your scan is complete.
  4.  Submit your scans. The app will prompt you to review your pictures, and you’ll be able to retake any photos or angles if necessary. Then, you’ll send your scans to Dr. Battle!


Regular scanning: Stay in the loop!

Dental Monitoring’s AI technology makes it a breeze to perform regular scans. The app will notify you when it’s time for a new scan. It offers a lot more than just taking pictures – it tracks your tooth movements in real-time with incredible precision! This way, you get to play an active role in your treatment progress.


Analyze with expert guidance

The data captured during your scans is sent securely to our team at Premiere Orthodontics. Your highly experienced orthodontist, Dr. Battle, will carefully assess your progress – ensuring that your treatment plan is promptly adjusted (if necessary) and stays on track for the best results. You’ll only have to come into our Waterford Lakes or Winter Springs orthodontist office when you absolutely need to!


The Benefits of Using Dental Monitoring:

By combining personalized in-office visits with convenient remote treatment monitoring through Dental Monitoring, you get the utmost personalization throughout your treatment experience.

  • Unmatched convenience:
    Dental Monitoring eliminates the need for frequent office visits, saving you some much-needed free time. For busy teens and adults, this means fewer interruptions to your daily life!
  • Precision through AI technology:
    Our AI-powered technology ensures precise tracking of your tooth movement, guaranteeing that your treatment remains on course. You can rest easy knowing your orthodontic progress is in expert hands. You can check on your real-time progress whenever you want!
  • Enhanced communication:
    Stay connected with Premiere Orthodontics through the app! You can easily share updates and concerns with Dr. Battle and our team, so we can ensure that your treatment experience is 100% tailored to your needs.
  • Seamless integration:
    If you’re on an Invisalign® (or Clarity™ 3M™) Clear Aligner journey, Dental Monitoring seamlessly integrates with your treatment plan, enhancing the effectiveness of your clear aligners.


Experience comfort and convenience while you achieve an incredible smile.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. With the help of virtual Dental Monitoring, we create a smooth and seamless journey to your new smile. See all of the advanced technologies we offer at our Orlando orthodontist office!

If you have any questions about what to expect, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. Ready to begin your journey? Request your complimentary consultation with us today! You can get started in person with us, or take the first step with a convenient virtual consultation. It’s up to you!

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