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Dr. Battle at the American Association of Orthodontics in 2017

May 19, 2017

We are always trying to bring the next “thing” to Orlando. I recently had an opportunity to attend and speak at the American Association of Orthodontists annual session in San Diego. This is a chance for orthodontists and orthodontic staff from around the world to gather and learn from each other. The big “thing” at the meeting this year was digital orthodontics and moving teeth beyond the use of traditional braces. Invisalign and Clear Correct are at the forefront of this technology but there are others like 3 shape which are doing amazing things by simulating real life in the digital world. Ultimately, this will make orthodontics faster, less expensive, and more predictable. A scan of your face and teeth can be taken. Digitally your teeth will be moved on a computer. The file from that computer will go to a printer where a custom clear aligner will be fabricated. A series of clear aligners are then worn to straighten your teeth while at the same time, you can look at a digital image of yourself and your teeth changing. It’s neat stuff and not too far away. Stay Tuned!

Dr. Jason Battle speaking at AAO conference in 2017 on clear aligners

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