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Can you get fake braces just for looks/fashion?

May 30, 2024

If you stay current with pop culture and fashion trends, you’ve probably seen some form of “fake braces” lately. Artists like Coi Leray and Steve Lacy are sporting their fashion braces on stage, and Google searches for “fake braces” are spiking.

Is it a good idea to get in on this trend? Are there risks involved? We’ll help you make the right decision for your health and future.

(Find out which type of braces is the most aesthetic option, and how you can get free teeth whitening for a lifetime with braces!)


The surprising dangers of fake braces for fashion

Fake braces may seem harmless, but the truth is, they can seriously damage your smile. Orthodontic treatment is not a DIY situation, and at-home braces or DIY orthodontics has proven to cause irreparable damage to people’s teeth and jaws.

Even though fashion braces may be considered “fake”, they’re still attached to your teeth and placing pressure on your teeth, which causes teeth to move. If there is no treatment plan guiding the tooth movement process, teeth are likely to move into problematic positions.

Fashion braces can create orthodontic problems that weren’t already present, or make present conditions more severe. In many cases, this movement is irreversible!


Learn from SmileDirectClub’s bankruptcy.

Similar to the companies selling fake braces, SmileDirectClub offered at-home clear aligner treatment. Without a qualified orthodontist creating these clear aligner treatment plans, and no doctor supervision or intervention, their clear aligners were causing irreparable damage to patients’ smiles.

  • SmileDirectClub filed for bankruptcy in September, 2023, after a multitude of legal battles related to:
  • A number of health risks that their patients were exposed to, particularly patients developing advanced gum disease and SmileDirectClub “doctors” misdiagnosing cases
  • Using NDAs to manipulate online reviews and prevent patients from reporting the damage this DIY treatment did to their smiles
  • Racking up over 1,762 consumer complaints through the BBB in just 3 years


Fake braces cost you more in the long run.

One reason people may risk damage to their smile by wearing fake braces is the misconception that fake braces are cheaper than real braces. As many SmileDirectClub patients have unfortunately experienced, DIY orthodontics can cost you a lot more money, time and energy in the long run.

If you damage your smile with fake braces and start experiencing the symptoms of an orthodontic problem (jaw pain, facial changes, speech impediment, etc.), you will need to visit an orthodontist for real orthodontic treatment.

If you do serious damage to your smile with fake braces, you could require invasive treatment methods, like corrective jaw surgery, or an extensive treatment plan with appliances. We want to avoid this at all costs!


With Premiere Orthodontics in Oviedo, Winter Springs, and Waterford Lakes, real braces are fashionable.

Real braces are more fashionable than you may think. Braces can look cool while creating your new, beautifully-balanced smile.

With fake braces, you get the aesthetic of braces, while damaging your smile. With real braces, you get the aesthetic of braces, while improving your smile behind-the-scenes.

High-tech 3M™ Clarity™ braces are popular among our stylish, fashion-forward patients. Made with small, translucent brackets, Clarity braces have an elevated, high-class look designed to prevent discoloration throughout treatment.

If you’re looking for fashionable braces, ceramic braces are an iconic solution. But if you’re into the traditional braces look, we offer braces with colored rubber bands too!


Beautiful smiles never go out of style.

Fake braces may be the current trend, but beautiful smiles are timeless. They never go out of style.

With ceramic braces, you can ride the ‘fashion braces’ smile trend with the coolest, sleekest braces on the market, then enjoy your stunning new smile for the rest of your life – far after the fake braces trend ends.

Flexible Financing with Fashion Braces
Braces are more affordable than you may think! At Premiere Orthodontics in Orlando, we offer all orthodontic treatments (braces and clear aligners) at the same price with no down payment, or low monthly payments.

We accept orthodontic financing with CareCredit and LendingPoint, and offer a number of discounts, including discounts for first responders, college students/UCF students, military, bride-to-be, theme park employees and many more! On your first visit, we’ll work out a plan that suits your budget.


Lifetime Guarantee with Fashion Braces in Oviedo, Winter Springs and Waterford Lakes

You won’t find this level of assurance anywhere else. With our Lifetime Guarantee, we help you maintain your beautiful new smile for the rest of your life.

In the future, if you experience “orthodontic relapse”, meaning you completed a full orthodontic treatment but your teeth returned to their original positions due to not wearing your retainer, we will replace your braces. Your only financial responsibilities will be a nominal monthly charge for adjustments, as well as the cost of a new retainer.

With our Lifetime Teeth Whitening guarantee, you can come in for free, professional teeth whitening for a lifetime once you complete full orthodontic treatment with us. There are tons of benefits to getting real braces over fake braces.


Smile in style.

Don’t take risks on your smile. Go with a highly-qualified professional, like Dr. Battle. We are your digital orthodontist, blending advanced technologies and convenient remote monitoring to create your perfect new smile with the most convenient experience.

After your initial consultation with Dr. Battle, you’ll be able to track your smile progress through the DentalMonitoring app, only visiting us when necessary. Treatment is personalized, easy and convenient with Premiere Orthodontics.

Request your complimentary consultation with the best orthodontist in Oviedo, Winter Springs and Waterford Lakes.

(Our Oviedo/Winter Springs orthodontist office is only 7 minutes from the Oviedo Mall and Oviedo Park Crossing!)

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