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2024 Best Place to Get Teeth Straightening & Whitening in Oviedo

May 11, 2024

What’s better than having a show-stopping smile that also stays brilliantly white for the rest of your life? Not much!

At Premiere Orthodontics, we believe that a beautiful smile can change your life. You and your smile deserve the highest quality care, during and after orthodontic treatment.

That’s why we offer our patients the one-of-a-kind Lifetime Whitening guarantee. Find out what this guarantee means for you:


Teeth Straightening and Whitening in Orlando

If you’re looking for a teeth straightening and whitening package in Oviedo, Winter Springs or Waterford Lakes, we welcome you to Premiere Orthodontics with a free consultation.

When you choose to transform your smile with custom braces or clear aligners and step into your most confident life, Dr. Battle gives you the Lifetime Guarantee of free, professional teeth whitening for life.

All patients (including previous patients) can come in for free, professional teeth bleaching for a lifetime once you complete full orthodontic treatment with us. When you need a touch-up or want to brighten your smile before an event, we’ve got you covered.


Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Strips

When it comes to safe teeth bleaching, nothing beats the expertise and results of professional treatment. Here’s why:

Superior Results: Over-the-counter products can’t match the whitening power of professional treatments. Professional teeth whitening solutions use stronger whitening agents in a safe setting, ensuring your teeth become noticeably brighter in a shorter amount of time with minimal risk.

Safety: Professional teeth whitening is performed under the guidance of experienced doctors, like Dr. Battle. Unlike DIY kits, there won’t be an increased risk of error in the whitening process.

Longevity: Professional whitening results last longer than whitening strip results, and you can trust that the whitening solution was applied evenly on your teeth, by a professional. DIY whitening strips could be applied inconsistently and create discoloration of shades.


Why get free teeth whitening after braces?

Choosing Premiere Orthodontics for your teeth straightening and whitening transformation is more than just a smart decision – it’s a game-changer.

Comprehensive Care
We don’t just focus on straightening your teeth; we ensure that they’re in their best condition. By offering free teeth whitening after braces or Invisalign/Clarity™ 3M™ clear aligners, we provide a holistic approach to smile care.

Investing in orthodontic treatment can be a considerable financial decision. We understand that! That’s why we go above-and-beyond to give our patients exclusive perks that make their lives easier.

Combining free teeth whitening with ortho treatment gives your investment more value. We also help you maintain your results with a retreatment guarantee: If you experience “orthodontic relapse”, meaning you completed a full orthodontic treatment but your teeth returned to their original positions due to not wearing your retainer, we will replace your braces! (Your only financial responsibilities will be a nominal monthly charge for adjustments, as well as the cost of a new retainer.)

Plus, we provide all orthodontic treatments at the same price with no down payment, or low monthly payments, and offer a bunch of discount opportunities.

If you were already considering orthodontics in Oviedo, Winter Springs or Waterford Lakes, choosing Premiere Orthodontics is a no-brainer. It’s the best decision for your smile, your investment, and your future.


Did you know, we use convenient virtual care?

We understand that our patients live busy lives, and one of the biggest barriers blocking them from getting invisible braces or clear aligners is the extra time and energy needed for regular orthodontist appointments.

We’re proud to be Orlando’s fully-digital orthodontist, using DentalMonitoring technology to monitor your treatment progress remotely, through an easy app. You’ll only have to visit us when necessary, and we can reduce visits by 60% (compared to traditional treatment.)

Receive the expert care you need, on your own terms, without disrupting your busy schedule. Then, once treatment is over, enjoy free teeth whitening for life.


Take the first step today.

Looking for “professional teeth whitening near me” in Oviedo, Winter Springs or Waterford Lakes? Get a LOT more value from your investment with Premiere Orthodontics.

Request a free consultation today!

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